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--Outdoor Optical Cable

GYXTW Outdoor Cable


Long-distance communication,LAN

Moisture-proof and rodent-proof

Duct, Aerial


Good mechanical and temperature performance

High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant

Specially designed compact structure is good at preventing loose tubes from shrinking

PE sheath protects cables form ultraviolet radiation

The following measure are taken to ensure the cable watertight

Steel wire used as the central strength member

Loose tube filling compound

100% Cable core filling
                       Outdoor fiber optic cable with loose tube constructions are built to withstand adverse environments and provide the maximum fiber protection. These cables perform exceptionally well in wet conditions and during extreme temperature cycles.
                       They can be installed in ducts, direct buried and aerial/lashed, providing the flexibility needed to meet the demands of campus backbones and other outside plant requirements.
                        we manufactures a wide range of cables from 2–144fibers with a variety of designs to meet the demands of most installation conditions. Only the highest quality materials are used in our fiber optic cables to ensure that the cable strength and optical integrity are not compromised. Rugged jacket materials and the addition of armor provide the right level of protection.


    GYXTW is an outdoor use optical fiber cable suitable for duct and aerial applications. We supply GYXTW from 2 fiber cores to 24 fiber cores. Both single mode type and multi mode types a re available.


      Good tensile strength and crush.

                      •  Resistance performance.

      Good moisture- resistance, water blocking, and flexibility.

      Double wire as strength member provides excellent strain performance.


                      •  Access netwo rk.
    B u rea us network.

      Aerial and duct application.

       Metropolitan network.




    CabIe type


    OD MW)

    Nomin a I Weig ht

    ( kg / kfT1t

    Tensile Strength (N)

    Crush Resistance (N/ 1 OOM M)


    Bend ing Ra diu s (mm)

    S ho


    Lo ng-    term

    S ho rt-


    Lo ng-term

    Dyn a mic

    Stati c

    GYXTW-2 24Xn


    1 1 0. 0




    1 000



    Storage/Working ternperature (‘C)




    7 0




    Note: Xn is fi ber o ptic model and D is the d ia meter of o ptical cabIe.

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