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--Outdoor Optical Cable

GYTS Outdoor Cable

Long-distance communication,LAN
Moisture-proof and rodent-proof
Duct, Aerial

Good mechanical and temperature performance
High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant
Specially designed compact structure is good at preventing loose tubes from shrinking
PE sheath protects cables form ultraviolet radiation
The following measure are taken to ensure the cable watertight
Steel wire used as the central strength member
Loose tube filling compound
100% Cable core filling
                      Outdoor fiber optic cable with loose tube constructions are built to withstand adverse environments and provide the maximum fiber protection. These cables perform exceptionally well in wet conditions and during extreme temperature cycles.
                      They can be installed in ducts, direct buried and aerial/lashed, providing the flexibility needed to meet the demands of campus backbones and other outside plant requirements.
                      we manufactures a wide range of cables from 2–144fibers with a variety of designs to meet the demands of most installation conditions. Only the highest quality materials are used in our fiber optic cables to ensure that the cable strength and optical integrity are not compromised. Rugged jacket materials and the addition of armor provide the right level of protection.


    GYTS is the outdoor fiber optic cable type used for duct and aerial applications. The loose tu be stranding technology make the fibers have good secondary excess length.


       •  Up to 144 fi ber co res.

    The Ioose tu be strand i ng tech nol ogy ma ke the fi bers have good seco n da ry excess Iength.

    Metal strength member provides excellent str a i n perfo rm an ce..

    Co rru g ated steel ta pe armo red an d PE outer sheath provid i ng pro perty cru sh resistance and gun s hot resistance features.

    The fi bers free movement i n the tube, which keeps the fi ber stress-free while the ca bIe is s u bjected to Iong itu d in al stress.


      Stall atio n i n a erial or du ct e nviro nment for Io ng haul comm u nicatio n.

                             LAN, especially s uita bIe for the situ atio n of hig h requirements to I at eral pres sure resistance.

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