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GJSJV Simplex Armoured Round Cable

Used in the manufacture of patch cords
Designed for short-run indoor patching or where frequent handling is likely
Color-coded for ease of identification during and post installation
Comes in both single fiber (SFC) and duplex fiber (ZIP) constructions
Ideal for LAN backbones, telecom access line, campus networks, and FTTx drops
    Fiber Optic indoor cables are used exclusively within buildings and must have a flame-retardant jacket to fit this purpose. They may be deployed in duct (conduit) or cable tray. When routing a cable within a building, you will also need to factor in fire prevention requirements. These requirements differ per country and region of the world.

            GJSJV Simplex Armoured Round Cable use 600um & 900um tig ht buffer fiber, steel tube protect, reinforcing steel-wire bra iding (Kevlar/aramid yarn) , flame-retardant jacket. H ig h indentation strength, hig h tensile strength, gopher protected, small diameter, flexibility and easy bend.


      0.6mm or 0.9mm tig ht buffer fiber .

      H ig ht stren gth kevl ar yarn mem ber.

      Steel armo red flexi bl e tube ,i ncrea se the ca b ie’s twist resistance.  Small ca bIe vol ume ,and Iig ht weig ht .


     ° Adopted to indoor distribution .

     ° As pigta il of co mmu nicatio n equi p ment .

            Suitable for communication equipment served.

                            . can be installed conveniently and perated simply.




    Cable type


    0 D MMt

    N ominal

    Wei ght


    Tensile Strength N)

    Crush Resistance (N/1 OOM M)


    Bend ing Ra diu s (mm)



    S hort— term

    Lo ng-term

    Dyn am ic


    GJSJV- 1 Xn

    1.8 +0.2

    1 6.0




    1 000


    1 5D

    GJSJV- 1 Xn


    1 8.5



    2 000

    1 000

    20 D

    1 5D

    Sto ra g e/Wo rking tern peratu re (”C)


    Note: Xn is fiber optic model and D is the diameter of optical cable.

    Pa cki ng
    and Reel Length

    A.Standard wooden drum with protection.

    A.Standard reel length:2/3 km/reeI,other length is also available.

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