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FTTH Drop Cable__GJXFH Flat Drop Cable

Good mechanical and environmental characteristics;
Flame retardant characteristics meets the requirements of relevant standards;
The mechanical characteristics meets the requirements of relevant standards;
Soft, flexible, easy to splice, and with big capacity data transmission;
Meet various requirements of market and clients.


    Drop cables are located on the subscriber end to connect the terminal of a distribution cable to a subscriber’s premises. They are typicality small diameter, low fiber count cables with limited unsupported span lengths, which can be installed aerially, underground or buried. As it is used in outdoor, drop cable shall have a minimum pull strength of 1335 Newtons according to the industry standard. Drop cables are available in many different types.

    Flat Type Drop Cable, also known as flat drop cable, with a flat out-looking, usually consists of a polyethylene jacket, several fibers and two dielectric strength members to give high crush resistance.

    Figure-8 Aerial Drop Cable is self-supporting cable, with the cable fixed to a steel wire, designed for easy and economical aerial installation for outdoor applications.

    Round Drop Cable usually contains a single bend-insensitive fiber buffered and surrounded by dielectric strength members and an outer jacket, which can provide durability and reliability in the drop segment of the network.


    FTTH indoor cable has a much g reater bandwidth to carry data and less susceptible to interference than common indoor fiber cables. and it‘s ideal for indoor cabling, end users directly cabing, and access network.


      Same fu n ction of the co mm on i ndoo r fi ber ca bI es.

      Small d iameter and lig ht weig ht, water-resistant, soft and bend a bIe, easy to de ploy and mai ntenan ce.



      Local Area Network (LAN).

                             Used en d u sers d irectly cab li ng.

                             FTTH (fiber to the ho me) i ndoo r ca bl i ng and d istri butio n (video, a ud io and data sig nals).


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