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GJYWFJY5 Indoor / Outdoor Cable


Remote base station communication such as RRU or BBU.

Smart substation and CATV Outdoor application.

Emergency access to optical fiber communication.

Used in FTTX, from residence to data center and cabling level and vertical, also used in FTTH cable.


    GJYFJ H Indoor/Outdoor Cable used as the optical transmission medium with 2.0mm subcable, a layer of aramid yarn is placed outside the compact fiber to enhance the element, and the cable is completed with outside jacket. (PVC, LSZH,TPU, PE or other materials according to customer‘s requirements ) .


       Good mechanical and temperature characteristics.

      Good lateral compression and flexibility

       Small diameter, light weight, easy to connect, and support large capacity data transmission.

       Outer jacket material has the advantages of waterproof, flame retardant, environmental protection.

      Compact structure, hig fiber density, soft and good compressive resistance.


     Remote base statiocommunicatiosuch RRU or BU .

     Smart substatioand CATV Outdoor application.

                         Emergency access to optical fiber communication.

                         For optical communication equipment room, lig ht distribution frame con nection.

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