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Strive to be the creative and creative capital of the world‘s influence

On February 22nd, Wang Weizhong, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, went to Longgang District, Shenzhen to investigate the development of cultural industries. He stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping‘s important speech on Guangdong and the important instructions for Shenzhen. In accordance with the deployment requirements of the provincial party committee to build a strong cultural province, we must do a good job in the implementation of the key tasks in the "1+10+10" work arrangement of the municipal party committee. We will vigorously develop the cultural industry, accelerate the construction of a strong cultural city, and strive to become an innovative and creative city with world influence....

Building a globally influential international science and technology innovation center...

Innovation is the first driving force for development. To implement the innovation-driven development strategy, we must firmly grasp the "bovine nose" of technological innovation. The planning outline proposes to build Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Dawan District into a “global international innovation center with global influence”, which reflects the profound insight into the high-quality development momentum of the new era. It is based on the overall development of the country and the foundation, reality and future of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The scientific deployment made. The three regions have outstanding research and development and transformation capabilities, and have a number of universities, research institutes, high-tech enterprises and national science projects with important influences in the country and the world. The innovative elements are attractive and have good construction of international science and technology innovation centers. basis....

Promote the cultural integration of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau

The research team first came to the Cool Dog Company and visited the Internet music equipment display area such as the listening and singing integrated platform to learn more about the construction and operation of the company in the network of genuine music music library and online music live broadcast. Then the research team came to NetEase, and communicated with the representative of the operation team of NetEase Cloud Music, and listened carefully to the report of the project team in the operation of the company, support the original music industry, and build a cultural social platform. Wang Rong affirmed the achievements of the two companies. He pointed out that technological innovation has penetrated into all levels and links of cultural product creation, production, dissemination and consumption, and rapidly developing Internet technologies, constantly enriching and changing the cultural lifestyles and ways of thinking of the masses, and becoming a cultural undertaking and cultural industry development. The important engine....

Artificial intelligence into the astronomy?

Scientists use artificial intelligence machine learning capabilities, the existing astronomical data input "neural network." As a result, two new planets were discovered by Artificial Intelligence Network. One of the planets, codenamed "Kepler-90i," has eight stars in its star system, resembling the solar system. Artificial intelligence to dominate the era of astronomy is coming?

Inflationary pressures worth noting in 2018 The global economy will be the strongest in seven years...

According to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), the U.S. manufacturing expansion in December was the fastest in three months in December, breaking records due to the increase in orders and production volume, the strongest year for manufacturing since 2004. Manufacturing industries around the world say they find it increasingly difficult to keep pace with demand, which could force them to raise prices as this year‘s global economy appears to be the strongest since 2011.

Ten key words outline 2017 traffic signal control industry

Traffic signal control plays an important role in organizing, directing and controlling the flow direction, flow rate and flow rate of traffic flow and maintaining the traffic order. Traffic control signals are separated from each other in time and passed at different times to ensure traffic Safety, at the same time forcing the traffic flow through the junctions in an orderly manner, improving the efficiency and capacity through intersection, reducing noise and reducing the environmental pollution caused by vehicle exhaust.

Mobile security long way to go, the key to the enterprise-level market growth?

Recently, a "Ministry of Industry announced 466 APP in recent years," the news triggered the concern of users, the report pointed out that a virus known as "DowginCW" exist in a variety of popular plug-in games in the game, secretly control the domestic at least dozens Million mobile phone equipment. With the news of the fermentation, cell phone security, this "clich" topic again aroused people‘s attention.

By 2020 China‘s biomass heating will replace about 30 million tons of coal

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued with the National Energy Board, "on the promotion of biomass heat for the development of guidance", "opinions" clearly the biomass heat as an important measure to deal with air pollution and accelerate the biomass heat in the region Civil heating and small and medium-sized industrial park heating in the application of building a distributed green low-carbon clean and environmentally friendly heating system.
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