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Outdoor Optical Cable

ADSS(ALL DRY)-SS-120M-6/12/24/48/72/96/144/288B6A2

Laying method: Aerial
Mainly applied in electric power system to provide a convenient way to establish communication networks. It is suitable for aerial installation when a communication line has to span a river, a valley, a thunder area and other fields with special requirements.
Fiber type: Single-mode/Multimode


    1. Large span lengths and the largest span is over 1700m.

    2. Non-metallic material, with high insulating property performances as well as lightningproof

    3. Special Anti-Track outer sheath (optional) protection, strong anti-electro-corrosion ability. 

    4. The aramid yarn ensures the cable’s tensile resistance, and also have good bulletproof performances.

    5. Light weight with small diameter, reducing the load caused by ice and wind as well as  the load on the towers and backprops. 

    6. Can be installed without shutting off the power.

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