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MPO Solutions

Multifiber Push-On (MPO) connectors

MPO connectors are able to provide up to 24 or more fibers in a single connector pushing up to and beyond 100Gbps data transmission. With more hardware is being shipped with QSFP/QSFP+/SR4/CFP/CXP ports, MPO fiber cables are becoming a requirement. Anybody working with a large fiber count and wanting to save space is a good candidate for MPO technology.

    General Applications & Loss Specifications


    Insertion Loss

    Typical Insertion Loss

    Maximum Insertion Loss

    MPO / MTP MM Standard:

    < 0.2 dB

    < 0.4 dB

    MPO / MTP MM Elite / Low Loss:

    < 0.1 dB

    < 0.3 dB


    Multimode Fiber Variants


    While singlemode is optimized for long range data transfer, multimodes are designed with high-bandwidth short range optimization in mind.


                    OM1 is a 62.5/125µm fiber core, with the jacket usually cladded in orange. This is typically found in older applications where high bandwidth isn’t a priority.

                    OM2 is the first variant of 50/125µm, usually also orange, but widely unused. OM2 offers modest improvement over OM1, however OM3 is leaps and bounds ahead with not much more cost.

                    OM3 is a laser optimized variant of 50/125µm multimode, and is the first fiber mode that supports 10Gb/40Gb/100Gb Ethernet.

                    OM4 is a recent addition to the lineup which offers a longer range than OM3. It should be noted that OM3 and OM4 are cross-compatible, and while OM4 is only needed for distances that exceed OM3 capabilities, it can still be used for shorter connections.



    Multimode Variants

    10 Gb

    40 Gb

    40 Gb (QSFP+ eSR4)

    100 Gb (24 Fiber)

    Optical Multimode 1 (OM1):





    Optical Multimode 2 (OM2):





    Optical Multimode 3 (OM3):





    Optical Multimode 4 (OM4):






    The fiber comes in the form of 12 fiber 3mm micro-distribution cable with an aqua plenum jacket, which is rated for riser and plenum areas. The micro-distribution format uses 12 fibers in a loose tube jacket with protective aramid yarn, allowing for more flexibility and smaller footprint than traditional ribbon cable.


    We can also build these to your custom specifications, including using a different brand of fiber, different type of jacket, or even customer-supplied cable.


    Options such as OM4, LSZH jacket, ribbon cable, armored cable, indoor/outdoor cable, and more are available, so please contact us to discuss your needs. Please keep in mind that MPO cables work best with loose fibers, so tight-buffered fibers may not be suitable for this.

    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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